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Security Cameras & Video Sur­veil­lance

A Closed Circuit Television is a system where cameras record video and send them to a computer monitor(s). Each CCTV system is made up of a camera, a lens, a monitor and a recorder. The cameras pick up the images, record them, then transmit them to the monitor. It is primarily used for security and surveillance use. It is often helpful for crime prevention and investigation. CCTV is legal provided certain rules are followed:
Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

Security Camera Systems

We know it can be overwhelming to try to decide what system is best fitted for your needs! Do you want to watch a live video? Do you need the video recorded? Do you want it recorded to a local source or to ‘the cloud’? What type of cameras do you need? Let’s unpack it all.

If live video is all you need, an analog system that connects to a screen will suffice. You can also use an IP camera that has a CAT5/CAT6 cable and then use a computer screen to watch. Usually, if you need CCTV, you also need to be recording the footage. You can either record it to the camera if it has an SD card, or record it to ‘the cloud’, or to a recorder on site (called DVR or NVR).

If you are recording directly to the camera, be sure that the camera itself is out of reach. If it is stolen, so is the footage! If you choose to record it to ‘the cloud’, keep in mind that it can only typically host 1-3 cameras. You will also need high-speed internet, especially a high upload speed. Local recording on-sight is the most reliable and cost-effective method. It has no monthly fees, doesn’t need the internet and has more storage capacity.

Indoor & Outdoor Security Cameras

This wall mounted style is the best choice for outdoor use. They typically have a shield which protects the lens from harsh sun exposure and from precipitation.

These cameras can be both wall and ceiling mounted and can resist a lot due to their tough exterior shell. They are less obtrusive and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

These look like your traditional cameras! A benefit of this style is that they often don’t come with a lens, leaving the lens choice up to you. They are likely best used indoors, where vandalism isn’t a concern, but they can be outdoors provided they are protected from the weather.


These cameras can be remotely controlled and are a variation of the dome style. They can pan, tilt and sometimes zoom. Some of these cameras also have an auto-track feature, where it zooms in based on movement.

The higher the number (ie: 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm), the closer the zoom. Varifocal lenses can be adjusted by the installer so that the correct zoom and viewing area is accomplished. These lenses have two adjustments: one to move the zoom and one to focus.


Security Camera Installation

When thinking about installing a CCTV system, be sure and consider the following factors:

Installing CCTV Camera

Our Video Monitoring Will Protect Your Property Remotely
And Stop Crime Before It Happens

Design Smart Security offers video monitoring services using the latest IP technology. We use live streaming video and moving cameras to track criminals and provide authorities with real-time updates. Most so-called remote video monitoring services don’t do this.

Video monitoring is more effective than using traditional guards. At only a fraction of the cost of a live guard on-site, our highly trained security professionals can safeguard your location at a distance. With many pairs of eyes on the job at once you increase the odds of identifying nefarious activity before any serious damage is done.

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