Fire Alarm System

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Central Fire Alarm Systems

Fire is one of the most common risks and one that costs an unbelievable amount of damage. When you install the right fire alarm system, you greatly reduce the chances of extensive damage and/or total losses.

Two types of fire alarm systems:

Central Fire Alarm Systems

Automatic Alarm Systems

There are three types of automatic fire alarm systems. They are ionization, photoelectric and combination alarms. Automatic alarm systems are ideal for detecting a fire in its early stages. Ionization and photoelectric alarms protect from distinctly different yet potentially fatal fires. Since it is impossible to predict what kind of fire might start, it is strongly encouraged that you are protected from all fire types.

Ionization Alarms

Ionization alarms are best for detecting flames and fast fires. The alarm is made up of two electrically charged plates with a small bit of radioactive material between them. The alarm is triggered when smoke enters the ionized air that is between the plates.

Photoelectric Alarms

Photoelectric alarms are best for detecting smouldering fires. Smouldering fires produce a unique kind of smoke. This type of fire alarm uses a light beam that is directed into a chamber away from a light sensor. When the chamber comes into contact with the smoke, the smoke reflects the beam towards the sensor, triggering the alarm to sound.

Combination Alarms

As the name suggests, combination alarms feature technologies found in the previous two alarm types. You should have a combination alarm or have both an ionization and a photoelectric alarm in the building. Either option is suitable, providing that you’re protected from both flames and smoke.

Manual Alarm Systems

A manual alarm is a unique piece of equipment that is used to trigger an alarm when a fire is noticed. They are usually connected to the central alarm system that has been installed as well as the fire monitoring panel.

Fire Alarm companies can provide you with the central fire alarm system best suited for your needs. Fires can start when nobody is around. Having a detection system will ensure that losses will not be as extensive and will protect both property and life.

Manual Fire Alarm System

Protective Signaling Services

Design Smart Security Solutions is ULC certified (CAN/ULC-S559-13). This ensures that you are receiving the proper safety equipment and services in the industry. This includes sprinkler systems and fire panels.

As stated on the ULC Standards page, “CAN/ULC-S559 covers requirements for fire signal receiving centres and systems, which include transmitting and receiving equipment, proprietary fire receiving centre equipment and control unit accessories. Fire signal receiving centre systems include a protected premise unit and receiver for ordinary (non-hazardous) indoor and outdoor locations. Programming methods, tests, services and other software intended for use with the equipment for fire signal receiving centres and systems are included in the evaluation of the equipment. Signal receiving units used in fire signal receiving centres, satellite centres, signal processing centres and bridging centres are also covered by the requirements in this Standard.”