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Security & Alarm Systems

It is expensive to hire security guards, train staff on security protocol and keep on top of the latest security threats. These things sap time and energy that should be invested in your business!

Security and alarm systems can free you to focus on other things.

Motion Sensor

When An Intrusion Happens

An alarm system performs tasks when a secure area is breached. The tasks that it performs depend on what system you have in place.

If the alarm system in place is monitored, the monitoring company will be alerted when a security breach occurs. They will attempt to communicate with the owner of the building, either via the control panel or they will make a call. The owner (or other designated person) can usually be notified by phone call, text and/or email from the monitoring company. 

There are several ways that a security system can communicate with the monitoring company:

When a real emergency arises (and not a false alarm), the company will respond by sending the appropriate emergency personnel. The monitoring company will attempt to stay in touch with you until they arrive.

For peace of mind and security of property, a central alarm system is the best solution.

Meet Your New Security Team

Automate your security to protect your business and keep your customers and personnel safe. Your new security team can feature reliable technologies that get the job done. Here are some of the “staff” you can add to your team.

Control Panel

Every system needs a brain that operates it and that’s what the control panel is for! The control panel arms and disarms the system, and sounds an alarm when there is a security breach. The control panel also sends a communication to the monitoring company when necessary. Generally, control panels feature a keypad to enter passcodes for the system. Some also operate by voice commands and/or key fobs, which are a type of wireless remote control.

Door & Window Sensors

Door and window sensors are installed using two simple components. One part is installed on the actual door or window and the other on the frame or sill. When the door or window is closed, a security circuit connecting the two parts is created. These sensors communicate with the control panel, reporting if the specific point of entry is secure or not. When the circuit is broken by forceful entry, the control panel sounds the alarm and the monitoring company is usually notified.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors create an invisible secure area and protect a location. These are used to protect larger areas or areas that are less frequented. When a motion sensor is triggered, an alarm also sounds.

General Sensors

Every security system has sensors that are installed at the entry points of a house or business. These sensors communicate with a control centre which is found in the same building. The best place for sensors is any doors as well as accessible windows. Also, motion sensors can be used to secure open spaces.


An alarm acts both as a deterrent for the burglar and as a way of notifying neighbours of the situation. It will sound when any sensor is breached.

Yard Signs & Window Stickers

Yard signs and window stickers really work! While they may seem like free advertising for the company, they actually play an important part in the overall security. When these are visible, they act as a natural deterrent for any potential burglar or threat. They have proven to be very effective.

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