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Smart Home Security

Are you tired of parcel thieves and missing deliveries? Do you wish you could see who was at the door before answering it? There are solutions to these and many other home security problems!

Parcel Thieves

Home Automation

Home security and management has never been so simple! All of our products work together, allowing for a streamlined and seamless process, while you control your home. We offer a monitored alarm system with Alarm.com smart app features.

You can tailor your own home system – whether it be the lights, thermostat, or locks – and make changes as often as you want! It can also have automatic timing in case you forget something. The best part is you don’t have to be at home to be in control!

Home Security Cameras

Cameras are smarter, more powerful and more effective than ever. There are many different options, depending on what coverage you require. All footage is kept on your phone for 30 days, and places markers on the important pieces, saving you time when you need to look back!

Doorbell Cameras

Don’t let the size of this camera fool you! Built right into the doorbell, it not only records crime but can deter it as well. Using facial recognition technology, it can detect a potential thief and let them know that they have been spotted. It captures a wide range, and is continuously connected. You can also choose where to focus it, making it the best option for the front of your home.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are savvy enough to know the difference between cars, pets and people! If someone is lingering, it will detect and send you a notification. The camera will then deter them by having an LED ring and playing a loud sound. You can rest easy knowing that the camera is doing all the work! Detect, deter, protect.

Indoor Cameras

You might be wondering why you need cameras on the inside! You can install cameras just inside the front and back doors of your home, and have them record a clip automatically if the alarm goes off. You can also have two way communication between a camera and your phone with anyone else on the app in your home. This allows you to ensure that all is well – any time, any place.


Home Alarm Systems

You can now protect your home and loved ones by having all alarm systems in one place. Protect against fire & smoke, water and carbon monoxide. Prevention is key!

Fire and Smoke Detection

You can stay on top of a potentially nasty situation with the battery powered Smart Smoke Detection. When it detects smoke, it shuts off the airflow to prevent flames. It will contact the monitoring company and they will send emergency personnel if needed.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

This battery powered alarm alerts you when there are harmful levels of CO and is easily installed and can be repositioned anywhere. It will contact the monitoring company and they will send emergency personnel if needed.

Water Detection

Not only does this alarm advise you when there’s water or flooding issues, but it also monitors the temperature which prevents pipes freezing and bursting. It’s the best line of defense for protecting your home.

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