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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are a significant part of the cultural heritage of Regina. Appreciated or not, law enforcement plays an important role in our safety and economic stability. What are you doing to ensure safety and security in your workplace?

Security Cameras Regina

Monitor, record and review what goes on in your place of business. We have all kinds of security cameras and will be able to match you with the right ones. You can prevent burglary, investigate workplace accidents and more. It can be surprising how many issues can be eliminated with a proper video surveillance system.

Home Security Regina

You’ve been stuck at home due to lockdowns and COVID restrictions. You might think that your home is more secure as a result. Your presence could be a deterrent for some crimes but not for all. You have to ask, how safe are your Amazon packages as they sit on your doorstep? Would you really know if someone is in your yard? What could you do about it if you did?

You can rest easy when you are relying on us.

You can go the smart home route, with temperature control, smart lights, video cameras, intercoms and more. If that stuff weirds you out, there are more traditional technologies that accomplish many of the same things. Many home security solutions feature smart and traditional technologies. We can help you decide what is best for your home.

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