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Design Smart Security Solutions

Alarm Company

Using The Latest Technology

We come alongside you to aid in your commercial, industrial, and smart home security needs. Design Smart Security Solutions combines convenience with the reassurance of safety and security. Stay connected to your family, home, and business by using the latest technologies.

Tailored To Our Clients’ Needs

Get a customized plan to protect all your properties at the right price. As your local trusted professional, we will find what you need to be safe and secure from all risks.

Smart Phone Activated Door Locks

Our Business Values

Customer Driven

We will be respectful, empathetic, responsive, quality-focused, caring and consistent. We will always keep the customer at the forefront of our decisions and our actions.

Team Work

Every team member will contribute their time and talent to ensure the company meets its goals. We strive for clear and consistent communication with our team members.


We aim to deliver products, systems and technologies that represent the leading edge in the security industry. We partner with companies that provide us with the best security solutions available.


We value all relationships within our business: between team members, with our partners or with our customers. We strive to make new friends wherever we do business!


Setting and achieving high standards in the security business is what we do best. We create effective and excellent security solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer.


We will display ethical and professional standards in all areas of our business. We gain trust by honouring our commitments, exemplifying honesty and integrity to all.


We will show politeness and understanding to all those we interact and do business with.

Concerned For Your Safety

We want to make the world a safer place to do business!

We feel the importance of peace of mind, safety and security towards our homes and businesses. We maintain mutual respect, diligence and support between our staff and clients. We continue to challenge all our business processes to achieve and exceed at all times.

We position ourselves among the leaders in the security industry so we can provide the best quality service possible! We offer you our professional knowledge and skills.   

Our Clients


To be regarded as the best security provider company.
Continuously growing and a leader in the market we do business in.

To stand out by providing top-quality services to our clients. Offering them professional security personnel with advanced knowledge, skills and credible support service. Positioning our identity as the finest security provider in the industry.