About Us

Our Team: Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals is the cornerstone of Design Smart Security. We cultivate a supportive workplace culture centered on collaboration, respect, and employee well-being. Empowering our team to excel, we provide opportunities for training, personal growth, and a healthy work-life balance. 

Our Values: We care about our community and take pride in assisting those less fortunate. We donate winter clothes, offer mentorship, provide materials to Saskatoon intercity schools and homeless shelters. We believe in collaborating with the communities that support us, giving back a portion of the money spent during their cultural events and activities. We're not just about making money; we prioritize people over profit. 

Our Mission: Driven by a pursuit of excellence, we strive to surpass previous achievements daily, focusing on continuous improvement and innovation. Our ultimate satisfaction lies in bringing safety and peace of mind to those who need it most, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else.  We are here for you, ensuring the safety of your business and loved ones, shielding your world around the clock. 


Integration Specialist
Commercial Sales


Director of Operations
Commercial Sales


Integration Specialist
Security Installer
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