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There are 10’s of thousands of websites out there, that go into so much detail about security….camera option, lens types, IP vs analogue, alarm devices, hard-wired vs wireless, smoke sensor vs heat sensor, that by the time you are done, you feel so overwhelmed and confused, you don’t know which end is up. The options are endless!
Video Surveillance – What housing style is best, do you need a fixed lens or varifocal, close range or long range. Do you need night vision, should they be motion activated? What about storage? Do you need a server, an NVR, or a DVR or a …

ALARM SYSTEMS – Is your structure finished, just being built, is it an open ceiling, can wires still be run? Do you want wireless (you’ll have to change batteries regularly) or is hard wired the better option? Will it be monitored by a Central Station, or do you just want if to notify you? What about environmentals? Are you concerned about flooding, freezing or fire? Do you need a panic alarm?

INTERCOMS – It’s simple on the “outside”, just mount the outdoor station, but wait! Do you need one station or more, where should it be located and who should be allowed to grant access? How about Time & Attendance?

The bottom line is this… If you are hiring a Security Integrator, tell them WHY you want security and WHAT you want it to do. Make sure it’s a company you can trust and then sit back and let them do the work for you. Any reputable company will take the guesswork out of it for you and design a system that will meet you needs and your budget.

Live Video Monitoring

Protect your property remotely and stop crime before it happens

Design Smart Security offers live video monitoring services using the latest IP technology.
Live streaming video and moving cameras track intruders and provide authorities with real-time updates.
Highly trained security professionals can safeguard your location at a distance and drastically
reduce your chance of loses, at a fraction of the cost of a live guard on-site 24/7.

Alternatively, you could pair live video monitoring with an active guard service. In the event of an alert, your mobile service can be contacted and leave you to a restful sleep, if there’s no actual breach, or you can be the #1 call if an event occurs.

With Live Video Monitoring, you increase the odds of identifying potential criminal activity before any serious damage is done.

ULC Fire Signal Monitoring

Protective Signaling Services

Design Smart Security Solutions is ULC certified (CAN/ULC-S559-13). This ensures that you are receiving the proper safety equipment and services in the industry. This includes sprinkler systems and fire panels.

As stated on the ULC Standards page, “CAN/ULC-S559 covers requirements for fire signal receiving centres and systems, which include transmitting and receiving equipment, proprietary fire receiving centre equipment and control unit accessories. Fire signal receiving centre systems include a protected premise unit and receiver for ordinary (non-hazardous) indoor and outdoor locations. Programming methods, tests, services and other software intended for use with the equipment for fire signal receiving centres and systems are included in the evaluation of the equipment. Signal receiving units used in fire signal receiving centres, satellite centres, signal processing centres and bridging centres are also covered by the requirements in this Standard.”
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